I’ve got 99 problems, but my brows ain’t 1

If you haven’t heard of microblading by now I have no idea where you’ve been but you’ve gotta see my brows!

I went under the blade a couple of months ago with Avenue 42 to transform my overplucked, thin and uneven eyebrows, and my brow game went from meh to woah in no time flat.

Take a look at them before Mandy at Avenue 42 got her hands on me, they were thin, patchy and sad looking. (Not to mention completely uneven)

After Mandy worked her magic they were even, shaped to perfection for my face and they just looked amazing.

This video was immediately after my first appointment with Mandy. As you can see I don’t look like an angry bird or Uncle Leo which was my initial fear going into the appointment, and my first question, “How long do I have to hide afterwards?” I was pleased to be able to go out immediately after leaving Avenue 42 and no one had any idea what I had just done.

My fear of downtime was why I waited so long to do this and why I was super nervous going in, I haven’t seen any angry birds leaving Avenue 42 in Langley so if you are still contemplating adding microblading to your beauty regimen I would highly recommend giving Mandy a call to book your time slot or if you’re still on the fence and have questions, she is a wealth of information and will put your mind at ease.

So if you’re thinking about getting your brows done, here’s what you need to know.

Obviously your first step is to choose someone experienced with great reviews, like Mandy at Avenue 42. She has years of experience and loads of training under her belt to back up her knowledge- so pay attention and choose carefully, this is your face after all.

Once you’ve selected your microblading guru book your appointment and be sure to follow the pre-procedure tips, like not consuming alcohol or caffeine before your appointment. This will help reduce any bleeding and prevent bruising, of course it’s all dependent on the individual but if you can do a little something to make things go even more smoothly it’s a good idea to do it.

Talk to your expert! Mandy was a wealth of knowledge and information and put me at ease immediately both during our telephone conversation and when I arrived for my appointment. Ask all the questions and be sure you are 100% comfortable with the procedure.

Be prepared for the time you will invest- you’re going to be at your first appointment for about 3 hours or so. There is a lot of preparation before the actual microblading begins. Mandy spent a lot of time ensuring the shape was perfect and I was happy before anything permanent was done. She also played with colors to make sure that the shade she chose wasn’t too light or too dark.

Her Pro Tip: If in doubt go lighter, you can always darken your brows up during the touch up appointment if you want to- but if you go too dark, you can’t lighten them up, so keep that in mind when you’re discussing coloring.

Mandy used a lot of numbing cream to make sure I was comfortable- this stuff isn’t instant so be prepared to let it take effect before she can begin. (You’ll be glad she did) once the numbing has started to work and the microblading begins the rest of the process is fairly quick. It felt like she was done in minutes and my fear that it was going to hurt like a son of a b!t#* were quickly calmed once she made the first cut and I felt nothing. (FYI- I have zero tolerance for pain, so that’s a big deal)

Follow the after care instructions. This is an investment and you want to make sure that your brows heal well. Use the after care product- you don’t want them to get itchy, trust me.

Brow touch up appointment eve (it kind feels like Christmas ?)

About 6 weeks after your initial appointment you will have a touch-up appointment where even more magic happens. This is the perfecting appointment that will take your brows to the next level. This time the process is a bit quicker and you will probably feel a bit more but it’s still totally manageable and absolutely worth it once you see the finished product.

Do your homework, follow instructions and you’ll have gorgeous eyebrows for up to a year or more. The length of time they last is dependent on your skin type and many other factors but this isn’t going to be a procedure that you have to repeat on the regular so don’t get sticker shock when you see the price tag- remember it’s an investment.

This post is sponsored, I received compensation in the form of product or services and/or monetary compensation. Be sure to visit Avenue 42 to learn more about their services and watch their social media channels for awesome giveaways throughout the year.”

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