Just not my cup of tea

We all have that one guy who looks great on paper but there’s something missing. No matter how hard you try to create the spark you just feel nothing and it’s frustrating as hell.
I met “tea and puzzles” a couple of years ago and right out of the gate he was everything any woman would want, on paper. You know the type that checks all the wish list boxes:

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I celebrated Valentine’s Day once

I did however celebrate Valentine’s Day once and it wasn’t that bad.
It all started with what was supposed to be a one night stand, don’t judge me we all do it, the guy was shall we say a “gift from a friend” on an evening when I was in particular need of male companionship. My bestie knew someone who was single and thought we’d hit it off so he set it up and well the one night stand turned into something more serious for a bit and we happened to be together on Valentine’s Day.

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Love isn’t just a word

Most people just throw the word around like candy and often use love interchangeably with lust and the meaning of the word has really gotten lost somewhere in translation.

Most of the time people will say it because they think they should, they’ll say it because they think someone wants to hear it but do they ever really mean it?

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