I have a huge secret to share

As women we have all sorts of ideals and societal norms hurled at us on a daily basis.

We have to fit societies mold of perfection when it comes to our looks, our bodies, our career choices and our relationship status.

If you’re single you’re viewed as being flawed or damaged in someway. You get the constant, “Oh, you’re still single.” accompanied by the pity smile every time you head to an event solo. Maybe you come from a family who can’t deal with your single-ness and every family gathering turns into a discussion about how you aren’t getting any younger and you need to find a good man before you loose your looks and no one wants you anymore. (Thankfully I never had to endure this, my family is amazing)

As you watch all of your friends get married you become the outsider that everyone wants to set up on a blind date so that you can “be next”.

Here’s a thought- maybe I don’t want to be next. Maybe I’m perfectly happy and very secure in my worth that I don’t need a ring on my figure for validation.

I also don’t need a man in my life to be happy.

So please stop asking me every time we speak if I’m “still single” like I’m recovering from some horrible disease.

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Professional communicator by day for a large international organization, freelance writer and content creator by night. Jennifer is living her best single life in the suburbs of Vancouver. Navigating dating in an online world that is breeding a hook-up culture that doesn't know how to handle a woman who already knows what she doesn't want. She shares her stories of dates gone wrong and the various life choices that led her this point in time.

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