Time of Death 8:53 pm

He was my best kept secret for nearly a year.

It was good, I liked that no one knew that he was part of my life. We got to know each other and hung out without all of the usual drama that goes along with other people knowing your business.

Unfortunately I spilled the beans about a week too soon. I even let one friend meet him. Then it all went to hell.

I got the dreaded text last night saying “Hi. I think I need to call it between us.”


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First of all via text? Guys if you don’t want to see someone anymore tell them to their face, or at least dial the damn phone and say the words. It’s super easy nowadays too with smartphones, it’s one touch dialing, virtually no effort required.

Via Giphy

Second of all you “need to call it”? Is this a fucking sporting event that’s been rained out and you need to just pack it up for the day? No, there is another person, icy bitch or not, involved and you don’t just “call it”, slap on a toe tag and make note of the time of death.

Now let’s be clear I’ve been expecting this since oh January 1st, well before the party incident but I did just see him a few days ago and while there wasn’t really ANY talking that night I figured if it was going to happen it would happen then, but then he asked if I was spending the night and I ever so briefly thought maybe I was just being super insecure and sensitive about everything. Guess not, with today’s turn of events. (and ps I did not spend the night, thank goodness or I’d feel even crappier today than I already did when the text lit up my phone.)

I did go into our Friday night rendezvous fully accepting that we had moved from the “you make me happy”, “I want to spend more time with you” (which wasn’t all that long ago) phase to the we’re probably just friends with benefits phase, we just have a much heavier emphasis on the benefits than the actual friends part given he’s barely spoken to me since the last time I spent the night.

It’s too bad really because I do actually like him, more than I’ve liked anyone in a very long time actually, but if he doesn’t want me that’s fine. I’ve never been the type to stick around when I’m not wanted.

Judging by what I’ve seen on social media though I’m really not his type- he’s more into the amateur porn star- (that’s not me being catty- she actually describes herself as an amateur porn star, soooo…🤷‍♀️) something I’ll never be able to live up to, nor do I want to, FYI.

Another tip for the gents (and ladies, cause I know you do it too) if you’re going to have convos with people and comment on images on social media- IT’S NOT A SECRET. Other people see it, especially if they follow you, they just see it, unexpectedly, without warning, and not only does it ruin their perfectly good mood but it also hurts. It hurts like hell actually.

So happy Valentine’s Day – just when I thought I was starting to like this stuff again.

I guess I have no use for my first ever purchased Valentine anymore. It is cute though, and was featured in my Shop Local Valentines Day Gift Guide. Also does anyone have any wine?

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