I’m not into resolutions

Everyone is making their New Years resolutions and asking what mine are… I don’t really have any.

Not because I’m fabulous and have no need to improve myself but because I don’t believe in resolutions. I never really have. I don’t need the calendar to reset for me to keep moving forward and working on myself and striving to reach new goals and milestones.

Sure there are things I want to do better in 2018 like be more forgiving (maybe), be more patient (kind of), and be more frugal (not really).

There’s the cliche resolution of “being more fit and eating right” and I do have plans to hit the gym more but I made that decision months ago and didn’t wait until January 1 to start. I’ve spent the better part of the last year injured so getting back to the gym has been an ongoing battle that I’m determined to win. My only resolution I suppose is to stop being so damn clumsy and stop hurting myself but I’m not really sure that counts as a resolution.

Are you a resolution maker? Do you make resolutions and then forget them by Spring? Share in the comments what’s going to make 2018 better for you.

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