Meanwhile in entertainment news

I rarely watch the entertainment news or read the tabloids except for when I’m standing in a grocery store line up, which is almost never now that I can have my groceries delivered.

The other day I was pinned on the couch by a sick sleeping child who I did not want to disturb so I indulged and watched a little ET Canada and Entertainment Tonight.

Now I get that they have a job to speculate and sensationalize but oh my gawd people this shit is ridiculous and has to stop!

First the Jen and Justin breakup- leave these people the fuck alone, they just ended a relationship they do not need cameras in their face and people making shit up that the reason is because Brad and Jennifer are now re-uniting. I get things happen fast in Hollywood but please, give the breakup at least 24 hours. Also comparing press releases from when Brad and Jen divorced and now the Justin and Jen statement, all of the lines that were similar are likely also in the Gwenyth and Chris consciously uncoupling statement and just about any other statement you dig up- it’s generic stop reading into it.

Then there’s Kate Middleton who will be attending (and I think presenting?) and award show in Britain this weekend and they’re speculating about whether of not she’s going to wear black in support of the #MeToo movement. Of course if she doesn’t she could face backlash. Geez- the woman is pregnant for the third time, maybe she doesn’t care about the political statement, maybe she wants to wear black because she’s feeling larger than normal or maybe she’s got a great green dress that she just plain feels comfortable and confident in.

Photo by SingleMommyInTheCity- Hedley at Abbotsford Centre

My other issue is all of the rumors swirling around Hedley. They’ve been dropped from the Juno’s, their management team has severed ties, the opening act Neon Dreams has jumped ship on the Cageless Tour and it’s all over a few anonymous tweets.

Where’s the proof of any wrong doing? I’m not lessening the trauma that actual victims of sexual assault go through, I’ve been a victim myself so I get it but I’m really horrified by how quickly someone’s reputation can be destroyed with social media.

I was at a Hedley just a couple of weeks a go and women and girls were scantily clad and actually taking off what little clothing they had on and throwing bras and I think panties up in the stage. There are definitely women and even young girls (they aren’t all so innocent) who are the instigators in some situations. They’re called groupies and they have been around since the dawn of music. Since Elvis first girated his pelvis and the crowd went wild.

Are we going to see The Rolling Stones get stripped of their Hall of Fame status? Because between them, Motley Crew, Poison, and all of the other rock bands of eras gone by there’s actual footage of them bragging about the number of women they bedded on a nightly basis- is Gene Simmons going to be taken to task for his indiscretions?

I just find it astounding the power that a malicious individual has in ruining a reputation and a life with a single twitter account. All it takes is one person with an axe to grind and your being hung before you even have a chance to respond.

If there is wrong doing then of course I think there should be consequences but what ever happened to our basic human right of innocent until proven guilty?

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