Compliments of the Chef

So I’ve had a long time love affair with men who can cook. Who wouldn’t really?
I always thought it would be so fantastic to have a chef who would cook all the time and keep me out of the kitchen.
I’m one of those who can cook but prefers not to.

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Love isn’t just a word

Most people just throw the word around like candy and often use love interchangeably with lust and the meaning of the word has really gotten lost somewhere in translation.

Most of the time people will say it because they think they should, they’ll say it because they think someone wants to hear it but do they ever really mean it?

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The party

This past weekend I attended a party that now I’m kind of wishing I hadn’t.
I was invited over a month ago and at the time even though I was super hesitant about saying yes, the person doing the inviting was important to me so I did say yes. As the date drew nearer I was having second thoughts but he said he wanted me to be there so I wrangled a friend into going with me and I showed up

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I have a huge secret to share

If you’re single you’re viewed as being flawed or damaged in someway. You get the constant, “Oh, you’re still single.” accompanied by the pity smile every time you head to an event solo. Maybe you come from a family who can’t deal with your single-ness and every family gathering turns into a discussion about how you aren’t getting any younger and you need to find a good man before you loose your looks and no one wants you anymore.

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Catching feelings while battling the demons

I have many issues, I don’t trust easily and it can take me months before I’ll let my guard down even a little. Like pretty much anyone else in the world who has ever been on a date I’ve been hurt, I’ve been used and I’ve been let down.

I apparently have a “type”. Not that I’m saying all men are the same but the ones I meet kind of are.

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I’m not into resolutions

Everyone is making their New Years resolutions and asking what mine are… I don’t really have any.
Not because I’m fabulous and have no need to improve myself but because I don’t believe in resolutions. I never really have. I don’t need the calendar to reset for me to keep moving forward and working on myself and striving to reach new goals and milestones.

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