I think about wigs- a lot 

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

I have to tell you that I have had a long time love affair with wigs. I love them. I’m not taking about the cheap costume wigs, although I’ve had a few really fun ones, no I love the high quality fashion wigs. 

If you look at any photos of me on any given day throughout a month or a year you’ll see that my hair color is constantly changing. I change so often in fact that there are people at the office that legit don’t recognize me from week to week. 

So I do put my hair through a lot and sometimes I think I should try out extensions or wigs just to give my hair a bit of a break from the processing and to try out some of the crazy cool shades that I’m too scared to actually use IRL but love on Snapchat. 

Only brave enough to try these colors via Snapchat filter.

Of course if I don’t give it a break my hair will in all likelihood fall out and I’ll need a huge and fabulous collection of wigs anyway.

I came across a website called Divatress and love some of their styles. I like the idea of being able to play with different colors, styles and lengths without it being permanent. 

I’d love the length of this Maxxim wig. 

I cut my hair short once because I was angry about something and boy did I regret that. I thought a drastic change would make me feel better but it made me feel worse. I went from angry to shock to sad right back to angry again- it was an emotional roller coaster of a day and I vowed, after it took me YEARS to grow it back that I would NEVER cut it again. So ya, wigs would be a cool fashion accessory and Divatress has an amazing selection of Bobbi Boss pieces that feature a unique styles and some really fun beautiful colors that would make getting ready in the morning super fun. Another thing I love is the whole put on the wig and go – you’re literally styled and out the door in minutes. When I wash my hair in the morning it’s a good 90 minutes before I’m dried and styled and ready to face the world. 

Love this color and style but Would love it even more if I could take it off at the end of the day and have my length back

You deserve to feel your absolute best and this collection is sure to bring out your best you and give you the non permanent options to let your inner beauty and individuality shine through. Go ahead and take a look at what they have to offer and get shopping for your Bobbi Boss hair and wigs from Divatress. 

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